Hagami no taki 羽神滝
Hagami no taki is part of Shiritani Unsuikyo and is about a five minute drive from Miyanoura. It is on the left as the road divides, taking you either to Shiritani or the nearby park.
Toroki no taki トロオキの滝
Toroki no taki, located near Potan Kan in the Mugio area, plunges directly into the sea.
Senpiro no taki 千尋の滝
Reached from either Onoaida or Mugio, Senpiro no taki is a dramatic waterfall, attesting to the power of water. Over time the river has carved a path creating a huge spectacular granite valley with Senpiro as its centerpiece.
Waterfalls (Taki) 滝
Janokuchi no taki 蛇ノ口滝
Janokuchi no taki is about a two and a half hour hike from Onoaida Onsen. It is a moderate walk and, although not spectacular in terms of a huge volume of water, the waterfall itself cascades down a dramatic rock face into a crystal clear green pool of water.

Oko no taki 大川の滝
Located on the eastern side of the island, near Kurio, Oko no taki is listed as one of Japan's top 100 waterfalls and plunges from a height of 88 metres.