Hiking maps are available from the Yakushima Park Volunteer Office (located in the World Heritage Conservation Centre) near Yakusugi Shizenkan (the cedar museum) for 100 yen. Tel: (0997) 46-2992.

Hiking intention forms (tozan todoke) are available from the police station in Anbo Tel: (0997) 46-2110, Kamiyaku-cho Town Office in Miyanoura, Tel: (0997) 42-0100, Yaku-cho Town Office in Onoaida Tel: (0997) 47-2111 and other places such as the ports etc.
'Take only photos and leave only footprints.'
* Bring back all your rubbish from the mountainside.
* Stay on the track.
* Stay in mountain huts or designated campsites.
* Keep all water clean.
* Light no fires.
* Do not take pets or other animals hiking.
* Always plan ahead.
* Take essential gear - torch, rain gear, warm gear, food, energy bars, map, compass etc.
* Be aware of the weather conditions. Yakushima is very changeable!
The Hiking Code