Ferry 船
The large cargo ferry (Yakushima Ferry II) docks at Minamifuto (pier) in Kagoshima. The ferry runs once daily. This boat is cheaper, but takes longer and the return trip is often delayed due to loading cargo. This service is run by the Orita Kisen Company. Buses leave from Miyanoura port, on Yakushima, shortly after the boat arrives, heading to the western side of the island in both directions (Kurio in the south west or Nagata to the north west).

Smaller car ferries run between Miyanoura, Kuchierabujima and Shimama on Tanegashima.

The smaller car ferry does not dock at the same port as the jetfoil on Tanegashima.
Planes 飛行機
Depending on the season, there are between five to seven JAC flights a day from Kagoshima to Yakushima. The flight time is about 30 minutes. In Kagoshima the airport is about 50 minutes from the central city. The airport limousine bus costs about 1,200 yen. Tickets can be purchased in Tenmonkan or you can pay as you board the bus. The Japan Air Commuter (JAC) (also known as Nihon Air Commuter)
timetable is listed in the JAL flight service and schedule guide. They are affiliated so you can buy JAC tickets at JAL offices in most major cities in Japan.
Jetfoil Ferry トッピー
The Toppy docks at Kitafuto (pier) and usually stops at Nishinoomote city on Tanegashima before arriving at Yakushima. One service alternatively stops at Ibusuki and then Yakushima (this is the fastest route from Kagoshima to Yakushima). There are seasonal timetables and these are available from travel agencies and at the ports. Reservations are advised. Tickets are avilable from the port and any travel agent. If you can get to an office, you can pay with a postal money transfer (yubin furikae 郵便振替 or ginko furikomi 銀行振込).
Jetfoils, planes and ferries come to the island daily. The jetfoil (a high speed boat known as 'the Toppy') travels between Kagoshima and Yakushima four times daily. There are five to seven flights a day, depending on the season. A large ferry comes once a day from Kagoshima. This ferry (the Yakushima Ferry 2) accommodates cars, motorcycles and bicycles as well as people. Reservations are recommended for cars. The big ferry docks at Miyanoura. Smaller car ferries run from Miyanoura to neighbouring islands, Tanegashima and Kuchierubujima. The Toppy alternately docks at Miyanoura (in the north) and Anbo (to the south). The airport is located near Koseda, between Miyanoura and Anbo.
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