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Tatsuya Ryokan in the Amami Islands, Japan
Japanese-style Accommodation(s) with Hospitality!

Special Greetings from Amami


Welcome to Tatsuya Ryokan
Warm-hearted Services at a Reasonable Price

Greetings (an extract from a Shima-Uta)
You are the right person
as you arrived at this place (i.e. Tatsuya Ryokan)
overcoming severe conditions,
such as steep mountain paths and a rough sea,
so we thank you very much:
you are very welcome at our place;
a god may have guided you to reach here.

(Note: Our Translation)

  Amami is often called "the Galapagos in the Oriental region". This is because Amami has a number of species which are becoming increasingly rare. Some of them can only be seen in Amami.  See "Gallery" on this site!

  Moreover, Amami has developed its own culture from its historical background. While it shares the "standard" Japanese language, the dialect and music etc is very different. In other words, Amami native songs, Shima-Uta (Island-Songs), are not easy for the people who grew up in other prefectures to understand the meaning of as far as the particular dialect is concerned.

Please have a pleasant time in Amami!

Warm-hearted Service at a Reasonable Price

3,000 Yen per person per night
including consumption taxes (parking at an additional 500 Yen per night)

note: Free of Charge for Children if they share a Futon with their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Breakfast and drinks included!!

Futon (a Japanese-style "bed"),
Samue (Japanese-style pajamas),
Bath towel and Face towel, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Razor etc are provided.
Telephone, Air conditioning, Cable TV and CD player are also available in every room.
Shampoo, conditioner and body soap, hair dryer, refrigerator, washing machine and dryer, iron and ironing board are also available.

Additional Information:
All are welcome to join our Shochu (similar to rum) Party whenever on offer.
(Not every night, but we often have one.) Non-alcoholic drinks also available at the party.

We really hope that Tatsuya Ryokan makes your trip to Amami even more enjoyable.
The owner, Chiaki, who was brought up here in Amami will give you a lot of tourist information if you need it.

Located in Naze's best location:
Tatsuya Ryokan is a few moments walk from Naze Central Bus Station and 5mins from Naze Port by car (about 600yen).

Tatsuya Ryokan is ideally suited for lone travellers as well as groups since the atmosphere of the accommodation is like "home from home"!

Address: Tatsuya Ryokan
15-18 IRIFUNE-cho, NAZE city Amami
894-0034 JAPAN
Telephone: +81-997-52-0260 / internal no:0997-52-0260
Email address: tatsuya@amami.com

Some Comments from Our Visitors  (from our guest books)

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Gallery (Photos)

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You can see some photos of Amami!

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