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Tea field in Kaseda"Peninsula Culture on-line" about Folklore Data of Kagoshima Japan

by The Virtual Museum of Peninsula Culture on Web.

First edition: September 1, 2000
Last update: April 13, 2003

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About "Peninsula Culture on-line" & "The Virtual Museum of Peninsula Culture on Web."

Peninsula culture on-line is the individual site that introduces peninsular tradition culture and peninsular original scenery of Japan by the virtual museum of peninsula culture on web. I am studying folklore in the Kagoshima Satsuma Peninsula. And, I am making this virtual museum. I fully investigate, consider and am writing this site. However, if you notice a mistake, send mail to the following address. And, I am waiting also for the comment from you. Please feel free to link to this site.

Mail to: hanbunkenn@po3.synapse.ne.jp

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Ken-ichi Inoue

Kagoshima MinguI was born on 1968 in the city of Okayama, Japan. I graduated from Kochi University humanities department on 1992. And then, I got my master's at Kagoshima University. (M. A.)

Specialty: Japanese folklore and human geography.

Membership: The Folklore Society of Japan, the Folk-tool Society of Japan, and the Folk-tool Society of Kagoshima (manager).

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