Key WordsFolklore data of Kagoshima Japan

Key Words in This Site

Character Japanese English explanation
"Hantou-bunka" Peninsula Culture, and this web site's title.
"Kagoshima" A name of the south prefecture in Japan.
"Satsuma-hantou" The Satsuma peninsula. A name of peninsula in Kagoshima.
"Kaseda" A name of the city in the Satsuma peninsula.
I live in this city. Go to MAPS
"Rekishi" History.
"Minzoku" Folk-customs.
"Minzoku-gaku" Folklore.
"Minzoku-bunka" Folk-customs culture.
"Mingu" Articles of everyday use viewed as objects of folk art.
"Nenjuu-gyouji" Annual event. Go to Report
"Dentou-gyouji" Traditional event.
"Matsuri" Festival. Especially, traditional events.
"Huubutsushi" Scenery and customs.
"Isekou" Traditional community event about Ise shrine. This event is a annual event in our communities. Go to Story
"Suisya-Karakuri" Mechanical doll by the waterwheel. This doll is exhibited at summer festivals in Kagoshima. Go to Story
"Juugoya-Tsunahiki" A event of pulling a rope in the moon festival. Go to Story
"Taiko-Odori" Traditional drum dance. Go to Story
"Goishi-Tya" Traditional tea in Shikoku. Go to Japanese story
"Niozo" Two Deva Kings. Go to Japanese story
"Irohauta" Japanese alphabet poem. Go to Japanese story